Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Drawing a Line Between Circumcision and Baptism

Circumcision pointed to "offspring" singular, to Isaac singular, pointing to the true Isaac singular, the son of Promise, who is Jesus Christ.  Now that Jesus Christ has come incarnate and is the one by whom all nations will be blessed, and by whom the "Land" will be inherited;  He has come, with perfect Life, Crucifixion, Substitution, Sacrifice, Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension, Glory, fulfilling all obedience, righteousness and faith.  Thus, He has fulfilled Circumcision, being the Circumcision.  Thus there is a material distinction between circumcision and baptism, circumcision pointed to the future (the Christ promised to come) and baptism cannot point to the "Christ to come" because He already has come. 

Circumcision marked a blood-line of those under the law, and Christ under the law, fulifiled the law. The blood-line of believers will not be given another incarnation of Christ, so therefore the blood-line of believers are not to be given a sign.  Rather, Baptism marks being in the blood-line of those under faith, the "fruit of" Spirit, who are given-Spirit Birth to all those from the loins of Christ.