Thursday, April 15, 2021

He is not interested in numbers

 God does not work through big battalions, He is not interested in numbers; He is interested in purity, in vessels fit and meet for the Master’s use. We must concentrate, not on numbers, but upon doctrine, upon regeneration, upon holiness, upon the realisation that this is a holy temple in the Lord, a habitation of God.

  • Martyn Lloyd-Jones (God’s Way of Reconciliation)

The Work of Christ is Perfect


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A Believer Longs

 "A believer longs after God: to come into His presence, to feel His love, to feel near to Him in secret, to feel in the crowd that he is nearer than all the creatures. Ah! dear brethren, have you ever tasted this blessedness? There is greater rest and solace to be found in the presence of God for one hour, than in an eternity of the presence of man." - Robert Murray McCheyne

First Words

 “Let the first words out of your mouth while still on your pillow be a cry to God: ‘I need you again today.’”

Faith is not a Virtue Proceeding from us.




Preaching the Gospel removes the fear of death. CHS


Why We Pray. Spurgeon


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

24 years

 Adoniram Judson spent 24 years translating the Burmese Bible. In this month's magazine, you'll read stories of how we carry on his work today by smuggling Bibles into Myanmar (formerly Burma).

Everything from God's Hands

"To take everything from God’s hands, and to trust everything in God’s hands, is a happy way of living, and very helpful to prayer." - Charles Spurgeon

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Expressing Prayer - Samuel Rutherford

 All my ways of expressing prayer are imperfect. In God’s book, a look toward heaven or an uplifting of the eyes is set down as prayer: In the morning will I direct my prayer unto You, and will look up (Ps. 5:3). What is prayer but a pouring out of the soul to God. Faith will find another outlet if one be stopped. Feeling breaks out in looks when voice is lacking, just as smoke pours out of the windows when the door is shut. Dying Stephen looked up to heaven by the window of the soul to give notice that a poor friend was on his way, and that was prayer enough.

~ Samuel Rutherford

All Things Working For Good


Our Best is Far From Perfect


Faith Doesn't Save Us


Grace will Spring Up

 "Grace does not lie as a sleepy habit in the soul, but will put forth itself in vigorous and glorious actings. Grace can no more be concealed, than fire. Grace does not lie in the heart as a stone in the earth—but as seed in the earth. It will spring up into good works!" - Thomas Watson

He Works In Us


Thursday, April 8, 2021

How Does God View His People

 How does God view His people?

“in Christ” (38 times) “in Christ Jesus” (51 times) “in him” (21 times) “in the Lord” (44 times) and other similar expressions no less than 216 times.