Thursday, August 13, 2009


The godly man does not play at prayer, for his heart is in it. Prayer to him is his chief work. (forget the source)

For prayer in secret is the veritable mainspring of the godly man’s life. And when we speak of prayer we are not referring to the prim, proper, stereotyped, self-regarding formalities which sometimes pass for the real thing. (forget the source, probably a puritan)

Like God Himself, the godly man is supremely jealous that God, and God only, should be honoured. (forget the source, probably a puritan)

"We take for granted that prayer is preparation for the work, whereas prayer is the work."

- Oswald Chambers (source: Mark Calhoun)

"We bank on service and do away with prayer. Consequently, by succeeding in the external we fail in the eternal, because in the eternal we succeed only by prevailing prayer"

- Oswald Chambers. (source: Mark Calhoun)