Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It is extremely easy for me to have the mindset of: "find a lot of audio exposition and video exposition, and take it all in...with an implication of : What does prayer have to do with anything, I'm learning right??? How vain and foolish. All the audio and video in the world, no matter how solid the exposition is powerless without the grace and power of God to transform the mind and heart.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Which do I desire most? A thriving online ministry, with many videos, mp3s, articles, forums, all getting traffic and feeback. -- or -- a thriving prayer life with many praises, thanksgivings, supplications, all getting grace and mercy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My statement following is extremely over-simplified, but this came to mind: Apathy is not caring, and Faith is not caring. Apathy is not caring because one simply doesn't care. Faith is not caring, because one knows that God is wise, good, sovereign, and worthy. Obviously apathy and faith are entirely opposite terms, and even with faith we do "care" and are "concerned". Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac and he cared about Isaac and would be painful to have him die at his own hands; but when it came down do it, He cared more about trusting God, knowing God could raise him from the dead or provide a substitute...more than caring about 'his own understanding and preferences'. I hope no one lives in apathy, but I hope your life is filled with faith, that whatever thy lot God has taught thee to say, "it is well, it is well with my soul."

Monday, October 1, 2012

Do we recover a nation, any nation?

Is it true, that: the reason america is in such bad shape, morally, is because the church has failed, and we need to go out and be the difference in life, word, and deed?

Well, there are many tares in the church, true enough. Yet, Noah's culture was not going to be changed by some "improvement in Noah" Sodom was not going to be changed by some "improvement in Abraham" Egypt was not going to be changed by some improvement in Joseph or Moses. Canaan was not going to be changed by some improvement in Joshua or David. And the same can be said of all the prophets to national Israel or the disciples and apostles. I personally cannot undo all the damage that someone like Billy Graham has done, when at times God has sent false prophets to those who love a lie and suppress the truth. Today there are Arminian congregations and denominations working with millions of dollars, and thankfully God is not intimidated for thwarted by such opposition; however, God's sheep do not have to live under a taskmaster like Pharaoh to "recover America" -- an agenda that God has never given us.