Monday, December 30, 2013


In many respects what passes for "the church" should be terrified that Christ is coming again. Dr. Bray


Many times I am forced in my prayers first to beg God that He would take my heart, and set it on Himself in Christ, and when it is there, that He would keep it there.
—John Bunyan


John Newton (of Amazing Grace note)...

"We are poor, weak, inconsistent creatures—if left but a little to ourselves.

When I think how cold, dull and heartless I have been; how often I have wandered, how often trifled upon the brink of temptation; when I consider what powerful, vigilant, and subtle enemies are combined against me; and how many professors have fallen on my right hand and my left—I am amazed at the greatness of His mercy in preserving me! I am a living commentary, that there is forgiveness with Him—and that He is able to save to the uttermost!"

"Hold me up—and I shall be safe!" Psalm 119:117


"Disputations have been allowed from ancient times. Even concerning the Holy Trinity. What good is a soldier if he is not allowed to fight, a sheepdog if he may not bark, and a theologian if he may not debate? Better spend money to support old women who can knit than theologians who cannot discuss." --Martin Luther


"So surely as the stars are fashioned by His hands, and their orbits fixed by Him, so surely are our trials allotted to us: He has ordained their season and their place, their intensity and the effect they shall have upon us." --C.H. Spurgeon


I do not confess my sins in order to boast in my sins or my sinning, but I confess my sins in order to boast in my Savior and His saving.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I'm convinced that most all the worrying we do in life occurs because we have forgotten that the Gospel frees us from the idolatry that life is all about us.



How dare you approach the mercy-seat of God on the basis of what kind of day you had, as if that were the basis for our entrance into the presence of the sovereign and holy God?
No wonder we cannot beat the Devil. This is works theology. It has nothing to do with grace and the exclusive sufficiency of Christ. Nothing.

 ~~ D.A. Carson


"There can be no grace when there is no sovereignty. Deny God’s right to choose whom He will and you deny His right to save whom He will. Deny His right to save whom He will and you deny that salvation is of grace. If salvation is made to hinge upon any merit or fitness in man, seen or foreseen, grace is at an end." - Horatius Bonar

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Apologetics to One Audience

I think I suffered from being drawn into apologetics without having the proper foundation of "why" we give an apologetic. Without a proper foundation it is easy to be focused on making points and better points to bring someone to see the "irrefutable" prove of a position, this leads to great frustration as this someone continues to reject the obvious, but this is because one began with the wrong foundation entirely. Our apologetics must begin with a focus on "one audience" ...only-- the Lord. Is the Lord being glorified, praised, honored, pleased in this apologetic. Am I humble, prayerful, meek, loving, diligent, serving, sacrificial, encouraging, friendly, forgiving, forbearing, patient, kind in the apologetic. If we provide an apologetic in faith, and with a single-eye upon providing it as an act of thanksgiving and worship to the Lord then our foundation will be proper; and frustration will not develop because we will not look to earthly results in our offering which is heaven-ward.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

who feeds the burning furnace of the sun

“The same God who directs the earth in its orbit, who feeds the burning furnace of the sun, and trims the lamps of heaven, has promised to supply thee with daily strength.” - Charles Spurgeon

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Drawing a Line Between Circumcision and Baptism

Circumcision pointed to "offspring" singular, to Isaac singular, pointing to the true Isaac singular, the son of Promise, who is Jesus Christ.  Now that Jesus Christ has come incarnate and is the one by whom all nations will be blessed, and by whom the "Land" will be inherited;  He has come, with perfect Life, Crucifixion, Substitution, Sacrifice, Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension, Glory, fulfilling all obedience, righteousness and faith.  Thus, He has fulfilled Circumcision, being the Circumcision.  Thus there is a material distinction between circumcision and baptism, circumcision pointed to the future (the Christ promised to come) and baptism cannot point to the "Christ to come" because He already has come. 

Circumcision marked a blood-line of those under the law, and Christ under the law, fulifiled the law. The blood-line of believers will not be given another incarnation of Christ, so therefore the blood-line of believers are not to be given a sign.  Rather, Baptism marks being in the blood-line of those under faith, the "fruit of" Spirit, who are given-Spirit Birth to all those from the loins of Christ.