Friday, June 3, 2016


Charles Spurgeon: And what is the heresy of Arminianism but the addition of something to the work of the Redeemer? Every heresy, if brought to the touchstone, will discover itself here.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


"If it be plain that adversities are good for us, why should we not then endure them with grateful and peaceful hearts?" - John Calvin, On the Christian Life

"All the miseries which God sends in this world for sin are to put us in mind of our state and condition we are in, and therefore that we should thereby enter into an examining of our sins, to condemn ourselves before God, and after we are condemned, to ask him pardon and pray him to clothe us anew with those blessings which we lost through our thanklessness, and to reform us by his justice and repair us by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ." - John Calvin, Sermons on 1 Timothy

Men and women are ...stuffed with all kinds of rebellion, of ignorance, of want of faith, of deceit, of hypocrisy, and such like. And now, what is he that dares boast of himself? So then our faults must put us in mind to run to God and confess that we are in his sight as castaways and without any hope. Ibid