Sunday, February 14, 2010


God is God. Man is Man. Definitions Define. God can be incarnate and become a God-man. Man cannot be deity and become man-god. God is free according to His nature. Man is free according to his nature. God's nature is free. Man's nature is not free. To say: definitions do not define, is infact a creation of a definition.

Freedom. Does not mean "freedom from definition" otherwise, it is impossible to define what "freedom" is. (attempt to define freedom without a defintion, it is impossible). Thus it would be impossible to articulate what it means for "God to have a free will." (free being an adjective modifiying the will)

So Freedom has a definition. "x" and thus "freedom" cannot be "negative x" nor "z".

God's will is free, as free is defined. ... See More
Man's will is not free, as free is defined.
Freedom is not defined by doing ABSOLUTELY anything, because then it means one is free to ABSOLUTELY declare freedom to be "-x" or "z", but in doing so, one has erased the definition of "freedom."

In such a world, then "freedom" would mean now freedom means enslavement, or nothing, or void of definition. To assert first freedom has definition, and can mean absolutely anything, thus allowing someone else to say: Freedom has no definition, and can mean absolutely nothing---is totaly insanity and irrationality. Thisi would be calling Truth a Lie, and Lie a Truth. This would be calling Wisdom, Ignorance, and Ignorance, wisdom. etc.

A=A, A cannot = non-A. Freedom cannot mean EVERYTHING, because if it means EVERYTHING, then it also means NOTHING, but if it means NOTHING, then freedom means nothing, which it is then impossible for freedom to mean anything. Freedom cannot mean enslavement.

Freedom cannot mean God is both God and non-god.
Freedom cannot mean man is both man and non-man.

Someone asked me where I got my defintion of freedom from, so I replied....

I made it up. If it is wrong, what is the defiinition of freedom? Whatever it is, it MUST be bound by the definition, thus the very term is not absolutely free.

He replied:
Webster: freedom, the power or condition of acting without
compulsion. freedom has a broad range of application from total absence of
restraint to merely a sense of not being unduly hampered or frustrated. This
makes sense to me...

To which I responded:

So the term freedom is not free to completely contradict that definition and show no resemblance to that definition.

Freedom cannot mean lacking the power or condition of acting without compulsion. Freedom isn't free, freedom is within and under the power and condition and the compulsion of the definition. Here: The term freedom is under the power, condition, and compulsion of Mr. Webster. So the very word "freedom" has no freedom.

My goal is not to define freedom in this thread.

My goal is the explaining that God does not have freedom to act contrary to his nature, but such confines, is in no level demeaning to God, and should never be presented as such.

For example, My goal is not to define what "death" is, but to merely explain that saying Jesus dies, is not an evidence of his limitations or weakness. You are asking me to define "death" in essence, which is not my point;

My point is anyone who goes around tauting "Jesus dies" as a slur to Jesus , is totally miscontruing the matter, likewise anyone who goes around and says, "God does not have a will free from his nature" as an attempted slur to God, is also missing the point on the issue.