Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We would not read the Bible merely to increase our vocabulary, though that would be a side benefit. Likewise, we should not read the Bible in order to tell others, thought is a side benefit of extreme importance. The disciples were sent out and the apostles were sent out, and Christians are to let their let shine, but the "telling" was still based on "what you have heard, first."

We do not study up against padeobaptism merely for making the study the main point of apologetics or making the main point a conveying of our study. We do not study up against Mormonism merely for making the study of the main point of apologetics, or conveying our studying, or convincing others of our study, when in reality the study is primarily about us knowing Christ personally as we are brought to the truth of Scripture, regardless if it is ever presented to the Mormon or congregation for discipleship.