Friday, September 17, 2010


1. If a Surgeon is semi-power and semi-loving then semi-suffering cannot exist? What type of logic is that? Surgeons are semi-powerful and semi-loving and yet semi-suffering does exist.

2. The assertion that: "If God is all-loving and all-powerful, then suffering cannot exists" fails because the creature is claiming to be all-wise; but he is not; and because he is not is not able to know what an all-wise God knows, that: The all-loving and all-powerful God can allow suffering to exist--- then he will remain confused in his mind until he trust's the all-wise God with faith.

3. Assertion: "If God is all-loving and all-powerful, then evil and injustice cannot exist."

Response: a. According to God's Decreed will, evil and injustice do not exist, because He has purposed the death of His Son and the punishment of those who killed Him and broke the moral will of God. God is not evil for making vessels of wrath fitted for destruction. God is not unjust for making vessels of wrath fitted for destruction.

In regards to evil and injustice between one creature to another, the rebellious creature does not deserve 70 earthly years of breath, so God is already merciful to each creature (who is experiencing their so called "injustice" from another creature).

Someone says, "God is all-loving" ask, "Oh, so is God a drunk", they should say "no." then you say, "so does the drunkard love alcohol more than God?" They'll claim "they don't love it" Obviously if God is all-loving, then he cannot lov...e both telling the truth and telling a lie to the same extent; that is insanity; So the lie experiences a rejection that the truth does not experience; i.e, the creature will experience things that the creator will not experience; the drunkard, too;