Thursday, January 6, 2011


III. Rebuttal against general ransom theory.

A. general ransom-- to pay, redeem for all, every single one of Adam.

If this be the end, if this be the fruit, product thereof.

1. Either God and Christ failed, did not accomplish their intention (the death of Christ being not a fitly proportioned means to the attaining end.-- is blasphemous injurious to the wisdom, power, and perfection of God, likewise derogatory to the worth, value of the death of Christ.

2. or else, that all mean, all the posterity of Adam, must be saved, purged, sanctified, glorified. Which will not maintain the testimony of Scripture and the woeful experience of millions will not allow. (for such a conclusion) {universalism}

These then:

1. Do deny that God or His Son had any such absolute aim or end in the death and blood shedding of Jesus Christ. ---or/and---

2. Do Deny that any such thing was immediately procured and purchased by it. -- that God intended nothing, and Christ effected nothing.

That no benefit arises to any immediately but that which is comes to all and every soul (though never so cursedly unbelieving here and eternally damned hereafter) until some act not procured for them by Christ (for if it were, why have they it all not alike) but to wit- Faith-- does distinguish them from others.

Faith is an effect of the satisfaction and death of Christ, not the basis thereof.

Faith is an product of grace, not a cause of grace.