Friday, October 28, 2011


Deut 6:8 ....they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.

This is not some heavy, slavish, burdensome, and bashing drudgery from God which is intended to rival Pharaoh's whip for more bricks without straw (more Bible without rest); rather, this is a joyful nourishment of the soul. I can remember Thanksgiving as a teen and getting two large slices of Pumpkin Pie at once. The second slice was not some burdensome weight imposed by my Aunt, but a delightful eagerness desired by my stomach. You have heard the phrase, "his eyes were bigger than his stomach" in loading his plate with too much food; well here, our eyes are to be huge, huge on Scripture, hungry not for the tastiness of bread that perishes, but for the Living Bread of eternal life. A few months ago I loaded up a bowl with Chocolate Ice Cream and my wife chuckled at how large of a serving I had prepared; I simply said, "Well, it is good, what can I say." May God give us the same heart for Christ and Scripture, that we heap a large serving before our eyes from a joyful, delightful love for the God of the Word, and the Word of God.