Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shine the Attention on Jesus

What would you think of someone who was a member of your congregation who said, "Our confessional says we believe in Jesus, and just as the confession says, I believe in Jesus;  but the past 7 years you keep on insisting that the Jesus we believe in is actually fully God, and I have never believed that and still don't believe that "detail", can't we just sit back and agree that we believe in Jesus, and let it go at that?"  Can this "Detail" about His Person be "generalized" and "accepted?"  Yet "true" Arminians do the same thing in regards to Sin, Depravity, Election, Atonement, Sovereignty, Regeneration;  Can we not just agree in the "general point" we are saved by grace through faith, and avoid your "details" of what that means,  Are we going to make a primary role of Christ "atoning for sins" to be something left to vague generalities that leaves enough wiggle room for us both, when we dare not leave wiggle room for those who deny his deity, and yet accept the liability for those who malign His work and accomplishment.

If Jesus saved everyone He died for, then give Him credit for it, if He didn't save everyone He died for then embarrass Him for it;  Why keep the accomplishment of Christ a mystery.  When you do that, you rob Him of the Glory that is due Him.  How can one grow in his boast of Christ, when he refuses to study the very cause of his boasting.  What good is getting this soul addicted to generalities to evangelize, when he cannot even boast of specifically what Christ accomplished, because He refuses to look into what Christ accomplished.   Be honest and say, "Trust in the same Jesus I do, he made salvation available for Goliath, but overall Jesus didn't make any other difference for that sinner;  either Jesus fell short, and my boasting wanes, or Jesus didn't intended to "truly save him" and thus Jesus may not have intended to "truly save you", but He did intend to make your salvation a "possiblity"

If Jesus saved everyone He died for, then give Him credit for it, if He didn't save everyone He died for then embarrass Him for it; Or else, be clear and own up to the fact you don't think Jesus died to "save"; Whatever you do, don't bury the accomplishment of Jesus as some fuzzy vague generality that we, in effect, cannot be proclaim clearly.
The savior is waiting to enter your heart?  Well, keep him.  My Savior didn't wait, He worked, and is working through the Holy Spirit, He will give a new heart, He didn't wait, He wrought;  He didn't die for Esau, and He is not waiting on Esau.  I proclaim to you, Trust the Jesus that accomplishes, not the Jesus that attempts and fails.  We don't go around telling people what Jesus attempted, we proclaim what Jesus accomplished.