Saturday, November 12, 2011


An Arminian man taunts me saying with ridicule...that my ministry to my 3 year old may all be in vain if God has not elected him; Which I think is odd. After all, this Arminian is completely fine with God's "ministry" to billions of sinners ending up all in vain. Yet it is somehow a tragedy if a sinner's ministry to another sinner be in vain. Why doesn't this Arminian mock God for trying to save billions and failing to accomplish what He intended. This Arminian should tell his god, "too bad you spent 74 years trying to save that sinner and he ended up rejecting you anyhow, didn't you know your efforts were going to be in vain." The Arminian thinks somehow he should retire the Holy Spirit, so his own sinful soul can take His place and secure a child's salvation by his own parenting.