Friday, June 15, 2012


If it were me, and my frail mind, and I saw the crowd of John 6 turn away and walk with me no more, I would be sorely sorely depressed. Why read another book, why write another sermon, why pray another prayer, why witness to another soul, why bother, why embrace more rejection and "let down", why rejoice, smile, and be happy, why care.

Yet Jesus knew even before His Incarnation that such would be the case throughout His life. A crowd which follows then falls away. Lepers who come for healing and who leave forgetting. Pharisees who give compliments, and continue plotting. Peter who makes promises, but denies Him thrice. Those disheartened on the road to Emmaus even though He, risen, yet ate with them. May the grace and power of God grant us the mind of Christ, and that it may put to death what is earthly in us.