Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Questions about the Sabbath

a.  How many of the 10 commandments had ceremonial and moral elements woven into it's one command?

b.  How many of the 10 commandments (or any moral command) pointed to the "eternal rest"

c.  How many of the ceremonial laws pointed to the "eternal rest" but not to Christ.

d.  How many of the ceremonial laws were abrogated by Christ without vestige?

e.  Considering that all the ceremonial Sabbaths had their origin from either the 10, or the Creation, it seems hard to understand why they did not retain the moral elements of their very name and their very origin.

f.  What other ceremonial laws (or civil laws) are based in origin from the other 9 commands, but retained only ceremonial and civil features while abandoning it's moral features and origin.

g.  Are we saying that among the Creation Ordinances that Adam would not have had Civil laws before the fall.  Yes, Adam would have naturally kept the 10 commandments, but even so 7 Billion upright persons would still need a Civil structure of how things are shared and operate: who gets to live by the beach, will there be a speed limit for cars, will there be a hunting license to maintain deer populations,  can I chop your favorite tree down for my house.

h.  How many of the 10 commandments (or any moral command) were altered in observance upon the resurrection of Christ/entrance of the New Covenant.

d.  How many things in the creation ordinance had "ceremonial" and "moral" elements.