Saturday, January 17, 2015


Creatures sometimes would help us--but they cannot; and sometimes they could help--but they will not. Yet the Christian need not be discouraged; he has a Friend who can, and is always willing to help him: it is his God--his sure resource. He may be disappointed by others--but this is divinely appointed, in order to lead him to trust only in his God. Beloved, our God Himself loves to help us. It is His delight to do us good. He is pleased to see us coming to Him for assistance, or for grace, or for His blessing; especially if we come in a filial spirit, as children to a Father. Help is sure to be needed--for we have . . . many difficulties to overcome, many foes to conquer, many trials to endure, many duties to perform, and many privileges to enjoy. But not one of them can be attended to with success--without divine help. --James Smith