Monday, March 9, 2015


Today I thought of this...If an olympic runner asked me, "How is your fitness training going?"  and I replied, "Pretty slow and I can't understand why?"  The runner asks, "How often are you jogging?"  Then I reply, "Jogging? what do you mean?"  And the runner elaborates, "You know, like jogging a mile or two every other day."  Then I reply, "Oh yeah, I jogged a mile a year ago, so I have done that before, why should I have to do that again?"

In this way the thought hit me, "As Christians we have said, and have others said, 'Why read this chapter of the Bible again, I have read it before, like a year ago, everyone knows what Romans 8 says, right?"  But in almost every hobby you can, weight-lifiting, running, baseball, football, soccer, golf, etc, people know that have shot free throws before, and ran a mile before, and practiced their curveball or fastball or batting; they hit 30 balls with their 7 iron on the practice green."

 So I encourage us to stay nourished with the Word of God.  Continue to read Philippians even if you have read it 7x over the years, continue to read Jeremiah and Exodus, and the Proverbs;  too many of us, namely me, are way out of shape spiritually.  Sanctification is all of grace, and not of some empty routine of daily devotionals, but even so, God uses means, and He uses His Word and prayer to feed us and strength us.  Don't rest in a head knowledge, press on until God burns it into you heart.