Wednesday, May 27, 2015


God has no middle ground.  The Law of God has no middle ground.  Moses had no middle ground.  Holiness and Purity has no middle ground.  The supposed classification of: moral laws, judicial laws, civil laws, ceremonial laws had no middle ground.  Jesus did not live a life keeping only the middle ground, but rather to complete perfection.  The punishment of Christ on the cross was not the Father's middle ground in justice or wrath.  The command to not murder has no middle ground.  The command to not commit adultery or idolatry has no middle ground. 

 When you say, "We are not going to be legalists, nor antinomians, but follow the middle ground" then you have already lowered the bar and have already abandoned the Law of God.  You cannot appeal to the law for a rule's existence and then appeal to a middle ground for the law's enforcement.  This approach to the Christian life and church discipline will not work with Christians who murder, and it is not allowed for Christians who broke the Sabbath.  

In church discipline it should be made public that, "This member was removed for murdering, or this member was removed for immorality due to breaking the Sabbath."  However this seems unlikely to happen, which in my opinion is not above board.  So what is occurring is that men are binding the consciences of others with a subjective rule which is not based on the Law of God, but on personal preference