Thursday, September 8, 2016


"If we would perceive the worthlessness of this fading life, we must be deeply affected by the view of the heaven life." (Syn. Gosp. II:305) "No man can meditate on the heavenly life, unless he be dead to the world, and to himself." (Is. IV:242) "If meditation on the heavenly life were the prevailing sentiment in our hearts, the world would have no influence in detaining us." (John II: 30) "We ought to apply our minds to meditation upon a future life, so that this world may become cheap to us." (Dan. I:226) "We look at nothing but the world, till the Lord has drawn us to Himself." (Past. Epp. 319) "The Lord, by calling us to heaven, withdraws us from the earth." (Past. Epp. 320) John Calvin