Thursday, March 16, 2017

He will hear His people.

The way my mind works, on one is a very audacious thing to pray.  God is holy, we are sinful, who am I to approach God and think that I will be heard.  On the other hand, it is a very audacious thing not to pray.  Jesus is full of grace, Jesus is my righteousness, how can I possibly think that God will not hear me considering what Christ has done to forgive me, cleanse me, restore me, make me a new creation, and knowing my life is hid in Christ.  Isn't the resurrection of Jesus proof that the Father accepts the life, death, and work of Christ on my behalf, and isn't the resurrection and ascension of Christ proof that the Father will thus hear me when I pray.  Surely God will not resurrect Christ then turn away the very person that he purchased, pardoned, and cleansed.  I will be heard because I have an Holy and Perfect Advocate, I will be heard because I have a High Priest seated in power and glory.