Tuesday, August 11, 2020

I am His, and Christ is Mine

 The man who has everything except Christ in this world will have nothing at all in the next world. Every worldly treasure and comfort he has will abandon and disown him one day when death comes to arrest his soul, and strip him from his flesh. That man will be nothing but a naked soul without any possessions or merit as he stands before God. All that he will be able to claim are his own multitude of sins.

The only thing a soul can have in this world that will triumph through death is Christ alone. Apart from Christ, death is undefeated and undefeatable. No one without Christ comes to battle with death and ends up the victor. Death ambushes, strikes down and swallows up the Christless soul forever. If Christ isn’t your shield against death’s blow, then you will end up as death’s victim and eternal possession.

But to the soul that can say by the power of the Holy Spirit, “I am Christ’s, and Christ is mine”, they have everything. The Lord Jesus Christ is truly their everything. He is the food and drink of their soul. He is their Physician and Counselor. He is their strength and wisdom. He is the great lover of their soul, and the forgiveness of their sins. He is their shield and exceeding great reward (Genesis 15:1). He is their life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, Heaven, glory, and pleasure forever more.

So what is death to a soul that belongs to Christ? Death is the servant of Christ, and therefore also the servant of the Christian. When death comes to the Christian, it comes as a servant of God to fetch the King’s son or daughter and bring them to Him so that He may smile upon them face to face, embrace them in His arms, wipe away their tears and bless them forever in His love, to His glory. Amen.-- Joshua Arnold