Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Jesus is the Teacher

 There is no teacher like the great Teacher, the Lord Jesus Christ.

A man can give the truth, but only Christ can give the love of truth. A man may be able to teach what to believe, but only Jesus Christ can teach how to believe. A man may be able to open up the Scriptures as he expounds them, but only Christ can open up the heart to understand and adore them. Your Christian brothers and sisters may be able to inform your mind, but only Jesus can incline your will.

Dead people are not fit to learn anything, and so it is no wonder that the natural man who is dead in sin does not understand anything spiritually. It’s impossible. But praise God that the Lord Jesus Christ can make anyone whom He pleases to come to life, to be born again, and receive truths that only a soul with the life of God in it can receive.

Jesus not only teaches how to live, but also gives the life to live. Christ is the Teacher, and the teaching. He Himself is what is being taught. As He reveals Himself to you by the power of theHoly Spirit, He is teaching you. Spiritual knowledge is in the Lord Jesus Christ like milk is in the breast of a mother, and everyone born again cries for this pure spiritual milk (1 Peter 2:2). They all cry out for Him, and reach for Him to cleave to Him.

The world has some of the greatest earthly minds to teach them, but the least educated Christian has God Himself as their Teacher. The truth of God is spiritual in character, and requires His Spirit to understand it. Everyone born from above has the Spirit of God, and so even the slowest and most ignorant Christian mind grasps things that are too deep for the most brilliant unbelieving mind. No matter how bright an unbeliever’s mind shines, it is still in pitch blackness when it comes to spiritual matters.

What a wonderful and glorious privilege we have by the grace of God in the Lord Jesus Christ. We should strive to know Him, and make Him known. Amen. --- Joshua Arnold.