Sunday, September 6, 2020

Quotes of the Day

"God's glory is the end of our being and doing, for being and doing are both from him, and therefore for him alone." - Thomas Manton 

 "God sends every bird its food, but he does not throw it into the nest: he gives us our daily bread, but it is through our own labour." - C.H. Spurgeon

 Blessings at times come to us through our labors and at times without our labors, but never because of our labors, for God always gives them because of His undeserved mercy. - Martin Luther

 Everything is necessary that he sends. Nothing can be necessary that he withholds.--John Newton - 

 The duties God requires of us are not in proportion to the strength we possess in ourselves. Rather, they are proportional to the resources available to us in Christ. We do not have the ability in ourselves to accomplish the least of God’s tasks. This is a law of grace. When we recognize it is impossible to perform a duty in our own strength, we will discover the secret of its accomplishment. But alas, this is a secret we often fail to discover.--John Owen. 

 "Affliction does not rise out of the dust or come to men by chance; but it is the Lord that sends it, and we should own and reverence His hand in it." - Thomas Boston. 

 Far from being a history of a harsh God, the Old Testament is the record of a God who is patient in the extreme. —R.C. Sproul