Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Lord is Compassionate

 It is important to understand that when a child of God sins, their Heavenly Father is not looking on them in wrath. A Christian should never think that God has even a single drop of wrath stored up for them. God only has glorious treasures stored up for us, and wrath isn’t one of them. Christ drank that cup dry. There wasn’t a drop of God’s wrath left for God’s elect when Christ Jesus finished that cup. To say otherwise is to say that Christ failed.

When a child of God sins, it is true that our Heavenly Father is displeased, and He will even surely chastise us severely if He sees it fit to do so, but He is also looking on us in deep pity. He looks on us with a tender heart. He looks on us with great compassion like a mother looks on her little child that is fighting cancer. His heart goes out to us. The only wrath involved is His wrath toward our Accuser, and the sin that burdens us.

And so if any child of the Most High God has stumbled recently, no matter how recent or severe it was, they must remind themselves of these truths. They must not think harsh thoughts about God. Do not think He is looking on you in disgust or wrath. Christ Jesus did not die for you when you hated Him so that you would think hard thoughts of Him, as though He didn’t do enough to prove His everlasting love for you. Hard thoughts of Him are lies, and they will only hinder you from running to Him and embracing Him.

The Lord knows the heart He has given you, He knows there are holy desires in it, He sees the Grace He planted in your heart even when you don’t, and He knows you are weak and still fail often. He knows that you hate sin. He is the one who put that love for Him and hatred for sin in you. The thorn in your flesh is there in order for you to draw nearer to Him, and to gain a greater sense of His grace. Yes, you are a failure, but His Son isn’t. He is not looking at what you’ve done, He is looking at what His Son has done.

Run to your loving and lovely Lord Jesus and enjoy your God. Do not withhold your love from the One who loves you more than anyone does. It should help you to know that He desires your love more than you desire His. -- Joshua Arnold.