Wednesday, February 23, 2011


How do we view prayer/praying?  How eager are we to pray?    Do we view it as:

-something we "have to do", just like paying taxes?  But we murmur that we hope we "grace" will lower the tax, and increase our "free time" for ourself.

-something we need to do, like changing the car's oil every 4 months?  That we want it done and over with on one day, knowing it disrupts our normal day and week? 

-something we need to do, like a house chore?  Let's get the laundry done, vacuum, and pray, and quicker we get it done, the shorter our murmuring will be.

-something we "ought" to do, but begrudgingly like spending a day with in-laws? But you give a plastic smile, and a cheerful remark, still wondering when you can leave this irksome obligation.

-something that is just unavoidable, like seeing commericals interrupt our TV show, or sports show, or movie?  But hopefully we can move on back to our normal programming of earthly attention.

-something that God requires, so we better do it?  But in the deepest level of our veiled conscience we are thinking....'It is vain to serve God. What is the profit of our keeping his charge or of walking as in mourning before the Lord of hosts?:  (Malachi 3:14)

-something that we will do if it has a drive through window?  There are days I am hungry but due to driving a long distance will not go sit for a steak, and since they do not have a drive through window, I'll go find a place which can get me a meal and get me moving on to my personal destination.
Is prayer, praying, prayer time....seen, pursued, with a sincere joyful eagerness as one who loves God? 

If Jesus rang your doorbell, would you talk to him for 5 minutes like he was proslyetizing with the local cult, but then be glad to shut the conversation down and send him on His way?

I've conciously turned my phone ringer off to ensure that I get a good nap with no interruptions, do I think about making preparations for a good prayer time?

May God grant us a new heart to have a eager desire to pray and fellowship with Him.  As Peter jumped from the boat and swam with joy to see the resurrected Christ, may we jump away from our temporal mindedness and pray with joy to rejoice in the greatness and goodness of God.