Friday, November 11, 2011


Arminians have no right to use the word "atonement" because their usage is one of ZERO effect. There is no such thing as "no applied atonement" that is an oxymoron and impossible by definition, it would be like saying an immaterial incarnation, where Jesus' birth made a physical incarnation possible, but now it is just a general incarnation and will become physical if Jesus decides to apply it to his birth.

 Exo 29:36  and every day you shall offer a bull as a sin offering for atonement. Also you shall purify the altar, when you make atonement for it, and shall anoint it to consecrate it.   

[NOT IN THE BIBLE--> 37. Let the altar know atonement was made available and then discern if the altar accepts my offer.  Tell the altar that the atonement will be applied to its impurity only if it accepts what I made available.  For I have made its atonement a possibility.]