Friday, November 11, 2011


Is this your position?

"Before time began, God selected no one for heaven and no one for hell. Thus God creating preceded His purpose to elect and reprobate. It matters if we resist God's purpose for us, because our resisting or non-resisting is the determining factor if we go to heaven or hell. It matters what WE DO on earth. If we want to go to escape hell all our repentance and faith, etc. will get us to heaven. If we want to escape heaven all our unrighteousness will prevent God and God's grace from saving us from His eternal wrath. Thus since we are told to be righteous, we can be righteous all we want and that would be the logical conclusion to this philosophy. If God does not want to save anyone, but merely make salvation a possibility, and He has, there is no sense in missions or prayers, etc, because God will not save anyone no matter what; Just make it possible, which He has, and there is nothing more for Him to do, the rest is up to man to make the ultimate difference, a difference that God will not make."

(I hope not.)