Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Dark Days and Endurance

 There may come a time in our Christian walk when all seems cold and dark, our hearts will be perplexed and our souls will be downcast. Storms will come, and shake us to our core. The Enemy will come and look to convince you that you are not a child of God, and that He has abandoned you. And if we walk by sight, we will surely be likely to believe that lie during our time of great weakness.

But we must remind ourselves that the Christian walk is not by sight, it is by faith. We grab hold of God’s promises in Christ by faith. By faith, we believe the victory that God has promised over the momentary failings we have seen with our eyes. If we walk by only what we can see with our eyes, we are going to find corruptions in ourselves and failings in our walk. God may be out of sight for a moment, but He is not out of covenant. He will never forsake you (Hebrews 13:5).

Although all seems cold and dark, Jesus Christ the Sun of Righteousness will shine upon the face of your soul again, and the cold and darkness that smothers you will flee you at once. It will be like the Spring has finally come, and Summer will come before you know it where all will be warm, and the birds will be chirping while the fruit multiplies everywhere. In the meantime, during this cold and dark night of the soul, you are given the grace to endure. You cannot command yourself to be happy, but you can command yourself to rejoice and praise.

Rejoice and praise Him, because you will see His smile again , and His warming love will fill your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit. You may not understand now, but it is good for you to be afflicted at the moment. The storms you are enduring right now are shaking you at your roots, and loosening the soil of faith so that your roots may go deeper into the ground of faith. Your great God is still on the Throne, Christ is still your Righteousness, the LORD is still for you, and you may come to Him in boldness no matter how many times you’ve shamefully failed. You are not capable of exhausting His love for you.

Joshua Arnold