Thursday, August 27, 2020

I cannot trust myself

 I cannot trust my senses to interpret how far or near God is to me, because there have been many times where God has been present with a saint in scripture, but they sensed that He was absent. Many have sensed they were cursed when they were truly being blessed.

I cannot trust my feelings to interpret what is good and approved of by God, because I, and many saints in the scriptures, have felt great pleasure in many sins in the past.

I cannot trust human reason, in and of itself, to interpret what is possible, because simple reason teaches that a woman in very old age with a barren womb cannot have children, but God gave a child to Abraham’s wife, Sarah, as He promised, who was old and barren.

I cannot wholly trust myself. I am still in this corrupt flesh, and I have so many sinful and selfish inclinations that I hate, that even my best Christian duties are tainted with some sort of vainglorious desires that sneak their way in. I am so prone to be spiritually lazy. I am so prone to assume the worst, and be unloving. If God removed His gracious hand from me, I would stray forever.

I can only trust the word of God. I can only trust Jesus Christ. He truly loves me, and He knows everything about everything. He is good, and I know He doesn’t love me for what He can get from me, because everything is His, and I can add nothing to Him. -- Joshua Arnold